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Life Calling- Part 1

Ever wonder what the future holds for you? Of course you do. Join me for a journey to discovering what Scripture says about life calling and the future.

Urgency in Your Singleness

Singleness can be a lot of different things. It can mean a whole varied group of feelings and opportunities. At times we can call our singleness words that are warm and good and kind to us. Other times singleness can mean things like ALONE or… Continue Reading “Urgency in Your Singleness”

Face-to-Face with Jesus.

This morning I saw the headlines…Billy Graham died today. A thousand thoughts went through my head. Mainly this— who will step up to the plate now? The face of America and the world are different because a man named Billy Graham took God at… Continue Reading “Face-to-Face with Jesus.”

Then there’s Jesus

Yesterday morning I was sitting in front of 200 female inmates facilitating a seminar (with my friend, MaryEllen) about Jesus and the Word of God. Many of these women are newly incarcerated. Raw. Emotional. Hopeless. As I looked over the faces of those women… Continue Reading “Then there’s Jesus”

Set an Extra Chair

A few days ago, I sat in a coffee shop in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. It was my Friday morning date with Jesus so MaryEllen set up at one side with her Bible and I went to another table. We were both meeting with… Continue Reading “Set an Extra Chair”

The Adventure Begins

He wants His House filled, friends. And maybe…maybe these next 16 days will prove to fill some seats around His Table. Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

The True Gospel

My personal study lately has found me in the book of Galatians and I have found myself basking in the beauty of the Gospel. This study has also brought up something else for me: the “other” gospel. Paul refers to it multiple times throughout… Continue Reading “The True Gospel”

How Hungry are You?

The air seemed different behind prison walls. More sterile in a way. I stood there waiting behind the first gate, waiting for that distinct buzzing sound so I could move through the next one. Everything looked different from the “free” world. Lots of uniformed… Continue Reading “How Hungry are You?”

What’s in a Year?

Sitting at the end of 2017 and looking towards the beginning of 2018 gives a unique perspective. One year closing up and another one…foggy in the near distance. What’s in a year? Is it made up of merely hours, days, weeks and months…or is… Continue Reading “What’s in a Year?”

He’s got this

When I chose to go on a missions trip this past fall and serve the female inmates in prison, I got the same question over and over again before I left. “Why prison?” It’s a valid question. There are a thousand different places to… Continue Reading “He’s got this”