Month: April 2018

Life Calling- Part 3

#3- One Calling, Multiple Missions. Young ladies often ask me when I discovered God’s Calling on my life. They all want to know when my purpose was obvious for me and my AHA moment of realization that God had called me to something or… Continue Reading “Life Calling- Part 3”

Today is a Good Day

Today is a good day. The sun is shining outside my window and my heart is full. But oh friend, there are days. There are days that don’t feel good. The kind where you feel like crawling back into bed and hibernating…or at least… Continue Reading “Today is a Good Day”

Hope has a Name

Loss seems to linger sometimes. Unwelcomed, but still there. Showing it’s head when you least expect it and reminding you of what it’s taken from you. I recently had one of those reminders. It caught me by surprise. I was at a movie with… Continue Reading “Hope has a Name”

Life Calling- Part 2

One of the things I pray for on a regular basis is that Jesus will keep me useable. That may sound weird, but I tend to be so about myself (aka: selfish) that I don’t have room for showcasing Jesus to the world around me.