16-Day Challenge

This 16-part series is designed for helping teen girls discover their identity in Christ. Since it was launched in 2016, this challenge has been taken by girls, women and even a few guys! Through Scripture you’ll see what HE SAYS about you. We recommend that you do this series as a 16-day challenge. Sixteen days to reform your thinking based on the Word of God. You’ll never be the same again.

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Day 1- You are Wonderfully Made, with Lauri


Day 2- You are Beautiful, with Elizabeth


Day 3- You are Bought with the Blood, with MaryEllen


Day 4- You are Forgiven, with Hannah


Day 5- You are Secure in Salvation, with Hannah


Day 6- You are Adopted into Royalty, with Elizabeth


Day 7- You are the Bride of Christ, with Elizabeth


Day 8- You are a Polished Cornerstone, with Faith


Day 9- You are a Work in Progress, with Uncle Harold


Day 10- You are a Temple of the Lord, with Rachel


Day 11- You are a Living Stone, with Faith


Day 12- You are Washed by the Word, with Elizabeth


Day 13- You are Heard by God, with MaryEllen


Day 14- You are Created for Such a Time as This, with Faith


Day 15- You are Loved Everlastingly, with Rachel


Day 16- You are a Warrioress, with Faith


I would LOVE to hear how God ministered to you through this series. Would you send me an email? I can’t want to connect with you about the 16-Day Challenge and how it impacted you.  – Faith

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