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Lessons from His Table

Over the past year, my theme has been “Come to His Table”. For twelve solid months I’ve reflected on this concept. I’ve dug into His Word and God has opened my eyes to places where He is working and shown me what it is… Continue Reading “Lessons from His Table”

Beautifully Different

“But do not be conformed to this world, but be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind, that you may be able to prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” Romans 12:2, NKJV (emphasis mine) Let’s face it, friends.… Continue Reading “Beautifully Different”

A Place to Belong

Her words hung in the air… “Where do we go when no one wants us anymore?” I choked

Carry the Light

Then this light entered the room…it was my little sister…I stared at it…this cupping of light in her hands. It made me want to hold it in mine.


The following post I wrote nearly two months ago…but because it was so fresh, I chose not to post it. Since then I’ve been learning what it means to be PRESENT even when I’m no longer Ms. Mary’s primary caregiver. Even that requires Persistence. It’s a… Continue Reading “Persistence”

Dear Graduate…

Twelve years ago I graduated from high school. Now if you’re a teen reading this…you’re thinking I’m old right now. Twelve years is a long time, but you’ll be here before you know it, friend! So pick your jaw up from the floor and… Continue Reading “Dear Graduate…”


The word “DoorKeeper” has been on my mind lately. While ministering in prison this past week, I tumbled on Psalm 84 again. It seemed full of meaning and purpose…both for me and the women I was talking to. The question kept mulling around in… Continue Reading “DoorKeepers”

Life Calling- Part 4

#4: Stop Chasing and Just Start! In our Christian culture it feels like we LABOR over our life callings. Perhaps even to a fault. As if it’s our job to run after it and discover it on our own. Here’s the deal. I think… Continue Reading “Life Calling- Part 4”

Life Calling- Part 3

#3- One Calling, Multiple Missions. Young ladies often ask me when I discovered God’s Calling on my life. They all want to know when my purpose was obvious for me and my AHA moment of realization that God had called me to something or… Continue Reading “Life Calling- Part 3”

Life Calling- Part 2

One of the things I pray for on a regular basis is that Jesus will keep me useable. That may sound weird, but I tend to be so about myself (aka: selfish) that I don’t have room for showcasing Jesus to the world around me.