The Adventure Begins

It’s always fascinating to write about my year’s theme in January and then read what I write about it the following December. God has a way of growing us and changing the way we look at things. Different perspectives. Various vantage points. (That’s my way of giving you a disclaimer. You are pre-warned…what I think about COME TO HIS TABLE might be drastically different by December 2018.) That being said…

Come to His Table is my new theme. I’ve only tipped the iceberg…but already I’m thrilled at what these four little words mean to me. I used to think being at the Table was a sitting position. Then I began noticing the people I deeply respect and how the Table was not just a place to veg-out, but a place where they were “on duty”. That sort of wrecked my world, y’all.

I’ve come to believe that the four above words mean two major things:

  1. I must COME HUNGRY myself.
  2. I must CREATE HUNGER in others.

It’s not just waiting for people to join you there…it’s living your life-like an ongoing invitation to the Table where you eat every day.

God regularly gives me opportunities to take Him to places that need healing. Not because I am anything special or out-of-the-ordinary…but because all Christians are called to carry the Hope of Jesus around inside them and offer it to the hurting world.

I need His Hope. And I’ve tasted of it at His Table. I can now invite others to partake of His goodness. What a privilege!

It’s exciting to be a part of His Table. This is a place of all people, all backgrounds and all types of needs. It’s loud. There is laughter and tears. Best of all, there is JESUS. What could be better?


Tomorrow I leave for another mission trip to the women’s’ prisons with my friend, MaryEllen. This time, we have a different perspective. We are sitting on the edge of our seat. What is God going to do? We can’t wait to see Him show up.

My prayer this time? My prayer is for the opportunity to invite women to His Table. To show them where to find Hope. To live my life as an invitation to Jesus.

Pray for us and with us? He wants His House filled, friends. And maybe…maybe these next 16 days will prove to fill some seats around His Table. Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

So, the adventure begins.

3 Comments on “The Adventure Begins

  1. Can hardly wait to hear what God has in store for your new mission.
    Keep us posted. We will be praying & sharing.😄 🎶💜


  2. Praying for you as you begin your prison ministry again..cant wait to hear what God is doing…i will be eagerly awaiting for upates..


  3. I can’t wait to hear about how the Lord is working in the lives of the women you’re ministering to! Praying for you!


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