Brave Family Love

White flour poofing in the air. Sugar all gritty on the counter tops. Empty egg shells and measuring cups everywhere. The hum of mixers, Pandora Christmas music and laughter in the kitchen. It was cookie making day at our house today.

We decided to gather all the gals of the family (and the four littlest boys) for a day of baking cookies…in six different varieties. It was a full, all-day event. The older boys/dads floated in and out for meals and random cookie tastings. Two meals and 22 dozen cookies later, we were tired but happy. Short-lived as it may be, sprinkles and frosting can give you a beautiful sugar high that can double as happiness. Memories were made today. Three generations of ladies in the kitchen…including a three-year-old little girl with sparkling eyes. What could be better than that?

Walker Cookie day 2017 003

Family. They see all of our corks, don’t they? Our family see our good days and our bad. Our weepy times and our mountain-top experiences. They are there for our sour attitudes and our glee-filled surprises. I’m sometimes amazed mine still loves me through it all!

Walker Cookie day 2017 060

I’m grateful for my family. I have awesome parents, great brothers and sisters…plus two amazing sisters who I gained through my brothers getting married. (Who, by the way, feel every bit my blood sisters as ever could be!) Then five little people who call me “Aunt Faith”, and baby #6 on the way in March! I’ve been blessed in the family department.

Walker Cookie day 2017 062

What ingredients make a BRAVE sister, daughter, auntie, cousin, niece and granddaughter? As I stirred cookie dough, washed greasy spatulas, and retrieved toddlers from hot ovens…this was the question on my mind. How do I live BRAVE at home?

The truth is, home is where it’s sometimes the hardest for me to live courageously. This is where people know me the best. They have seen every angle of who I am. They know when I’m faking it, when I’m depressed, when I have something up my sleeve, or when I’m struggling with one of them. When I think of being brave at home…it usually amounts to apologizing.

I’m a work in progress, y’all. I say stupid things that hurt people. Sometimes those things are said in innocence and my statements or questions get perceived otherwise…and then things spin out of control and I’m left with picking up the pieces of World War 3. Why on earth don’t I THINK before I speak?

Other times I just say crazy, mindless things…caring little or nothing about the other person’s feelings. Then I see the pain on the faces of my family members and I wonder— how did I get here? What makes me be so ugly or inconsiderate? I’ve cried many times over the senseless words I’ve spoken to the people I love most.

“If possible, on your part, live at peace with everyone.” Romans 12:18 (HCSB)  “Pursue peace with everyone, and holiness—without it no one will see the Lord.” Hebrews 12:14 (HCSB)

It takes a brave heart to ask forgiveness to those we wound. Believe me, I know…I’ve had to eat a lot of humble pie. Way more than I’d care to admit.

Maybe you know how it is. You feel that little prick in your spirit and you know Jesus is telling you to fess up and repent for your wrong words or attitude. On the way to apologize, you can think of a thousand reasons why you really weren’t wrong after all. You feel justified in your sin. I’ve probably tried on all the same excuses. I’m a pro at trying to get out of apologizing.

There have been times I’ve turned around and decided to walk in my own justification. Can I just tell you…those where among the worst decisions I’ve ever made? I took the easy way out. The coward’s road. It costs to take the path of least resistance.

Some of the most pride-hurting moments in my life have turned out to give me great freedom. The burden lifting off my heart when I repent is worth the 2-3 minutes of discomfort.

Walker Cookie day 2017 080.JPG

Family. They can bring out the best and worst of you, can’t they? I wouldn’t trade them for the world, but I’d be lying to say that I always LIKE them. I love them dearly, but they can rub me wrong. They can push my buttons. They’ve seen Faith Walker in the bad and the ugly.

Family. They are my life. My reason for keeping on in the hard moments. I wouldn’t want to be without them. They make me laugh. They bring me some of the greatest joy and memories. Like today.

Today was a whisper from heaven about what really matters. I want to live courageous EVERYWHERE. Especially at home, with my family. I want to live full…with lots of frosting and sprinkles. I want to live free…free from a clouded conscience. I want my biggest cheerleaders to always be the people closest to me. The people who REALLY know me.

Family. They know what we’re really made of, don’t they? I’m grateful mine loves me anyway. I guess that’s Brave Family Love.

4 Comments on “Brave Family Love

  1. What a special day! So many wonderful memories made in such a short time.
    Love your message, we can all learn from your humble words.
    Thank you Faith for sharing.

    So much love,


  2. Your words are encouraging to me as usual. Thanks for your transparency. I was just reading over the devotion that your mom wrote about ” I Have Enough” which talks about forgiveness.
    Thankful indeed that you all are FAMILY and you love me, quirks
    and all. Home ground is definitely a place God can use to refine us & help us grow; if we are humble & courageous enough to pay attention to what He wants to teach us.
    I love what you conveyed here. Wish I could have joined in on cookie making day. Remember you are loved from afar as if we were there. God is good.♡
    Aunt Doris


  3. My Dearest Faith and each member of the Walker Family , This is absolutely so very beautifully encouraging so awesome and amazing this is a gift from Our Lord Jesus Christ for your faithful dedicated diligent respectful caring thoughtful loving responsible fun loving Christian family to gather together like this and enjoy making cookies from the very youngest to the oldest , this is so sweet and precious and I am so very grateful and thankful that you all are a family that I have the privilege to call “My very Own Family “ thank you for sharing these picture and this wonderful story about all of you ! May Jesus Bless You Each One with joy peace love happiness and most of all the blessings and good health that only Jesus can give to each one of you! I Love You all 💕❤️🙏📖🎄☃️❄️📖🎄❤️❌⭕️✝️🎁💙💛💚💜
    Merry Blessed Christmas from me to you !
    Love and Prayers, Aunt Betty Holyfield


  4. Oh sweet Faith. How I loved reading this and am just now typing back to you here.
    I loved what you said about taking the hard road…..repentance. That it’s worth the 2-3 minutes of discomfort. Wow that is so true!! It’s one of the hardest things for us to do but yields the most peace!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on that cookie baking day and encouraging so many! Love you!!

    Aunt Hilary


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