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The word “DoorKeeper” has been on my mind lately. While ministering in prison this past week, I tumbled on Psalm 84 again. It seemed full of meaning and purpose…both for me and the women I was talking to. The question kept mulling around in… Continue Reading “DoorKeepers”

Life Calling- Part 4

#4: Stop Chasing and Just Start! In our Christian culture it feels like we LABOR over our life callings. Perhaps even to a fault. As if it’s our job to run after it and discover it on our own. Here’s the deal. I think… Continue Reading “Life Calling- Part 4”

Life Calling- Part 3

#3- One Calling, Multiple Missions. Young ladies often ask me when I discovered God’s Calling on my life. They all want to know when my purpose was obvious for me and my AHA moment of realization that God had called me to something or… Continue Reading “Life Calling- Part 3”

Life Calling- Part 2

One of the things I pray for on a regular basis is that Jesus will keep me useable. That may sound weird, but I tend to be so about myself (aka: selfish) that I don’t have room for showcasing Jesus to the world around me.

Life Calling- Part 1

Ever wonder what the future holds for you? Of course you do. Join me for a journey to discovering what Scripture says about life calling and the future.

Jonah and Me

Have you ever said NO to God? I have. Many times, in fact. Fear and lack of bravery holds me back far too often. One time in particular sticks out in my memory as a Jonah experience…here’s what I wrote two years ago about… Continue Reading “Jonah and Me”

Urgency in Your Singleness

Singleness can be a lot of different things. It can mean a whole varied group of feelings and opportunities. At times we can call our singleness words that are warm and good and kind to us. Other times singleness can mean things like ALONE or… Continue Reading “Urgency in Your Singleness”

Face-to-Face with Jesus.

This morning I saw the headlines…Billy Graham died today. A thousand thoughts went through my head. Mainly this— who will step up to the plate now? The face of America and the world are different because a man named Billy Graham took God at… Continue Reading “Face-to-Face with Jesus.”

Guaranteed to Win

Victory doesn’t always look like we’d like it to. It’s crazy actually…that I want victorious living to look cookie-cutter perfect. Easy. Natural. Anything but hard. The longer I live, the more I realize that victory is both simple and difficult. Simple because Jesus has… Continue Reading “Guaranteed to Win”

Set an Extra Chair

A few days ago, I sat in a coffee shop in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. It was my Friday morning date with Jesus so MaryEllen set up at one side with her Bible and I went to another table. We were both meeting with… Continue Reading “Set an Extra Chair”