Stillness can be stifling if you’re used to being busy constantly. Always on the move. Always DOING and not BEING. It’s easy for those of us who are DOERS to feel lazy when we are still. Like we are un-spiritual because of our lack of busyness.

I’m a DOER. As long as I can remember, I loved getting things done. Even as a little girl, I craved check lists…and even more than that I loved the feeling of checking off those tiny boxes. I felt accomplishment. Ok, let’s be honest…I still enjoy check lists!

If you know me…or even if you follow this blog…you know that my life seems to always be spinning out of control. At least spinning out of MY control. My calendar has been a mess of scheduled events, mission trips, and running everywhere.

This past Friday, I sat in my room in Little Rock and the stillness was almost deafening. After a year of traveling and deadlines and ministry ventures, some unexpected events brought my plans to a halt. It’s not a bad thing, but my schedule was to drive here for the purpose of leading another women’s prison seminar…and after we were already almost here the seminar fell through. That hasn’t happened to me before, so I was instantly wondering why God would allow us to drive 12 hours only to have the reason we came be canceled.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve had this kind of experience. I’m constantly on the move…preparing, meeting someone, making a phone call, sending emails. But I didn’t plan on sitting on my bed in my room in Little Rock late into the night—not exactly tired enough to go to bed and certainly wondering what in the world I was going to do for the next week.

My Chaplain assures me there’s plenty of office work and I believe him. But there’s something about these quiet evenings that feels strange. I’m used to commotion, lots of voices and constant activity.

There’s something to be said about BEING, even when you are a DOER by nature. There are moments where God provides stillness to speak to our hearts.

Sitting here in the lamp light with the heater blowing softly, I look up at the ceiling and ask: “Okay Lord, what do you want for me this week?”

Perhaps this is the moment when Jesus smiles. This might be the question that He’s been waiting for. His smile feels like favor. A warm embrace of the soul…because He has a plan. He’s had a plan all along. My plan has been known to get in His way and He has His way of clearing the way for His will.

I hear His whisper: Be still. Just BE. Just BE here with Me. Trust Me…I’ve got this, don’t you know? I’ve got a plan and all you have to do is be. Hear my Voice and everything will be okay. Rest, Faith. It’s okay to rest in these moments, you don’t always have to be doing. Breathe. Just BE.

I exhale. The stillness suddenly comforts instead of repels me. He is here…in the stillness.

4 Comments on “Stillness

  1. Yes, you are not used to the silence of a room. I on the other hand have that every day, unless the TV or radio is on for background noise. Knowing you, I know you will not be just sitting there doing nothing. It will all be clear what the plan is. Today’s plan for me is to take the coconut black walnut cake to Autumn at Medical care is retiring, and tomorrow is her last day. Then turn in cans, then Dena comes for supper. Tomorrow I take Pat to her doctor, then exercises! Love you sis.


  2. Faith, I’m a doer also & sometimes we doers do everything for others & our calling but not for ourselves. I pray that you find peace & comfort in your rest.


  3. Thank you for sharing that. One of my favorite scriptures is…Be still and know that I am God!! .


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